Hotels typically provide services similar to those in North America – telephone, private bath, television, etc.

Hosterías are among the most charming and most comfortable of all lodging options, combining local flavor with modern amenities.

Campgrounds often provide showers, access to kitchen and laundry, etc at a considerably lower price. National park campgrounds typically provide fewer services, at a higher cost.
In the desert north and in many parts of Patagonia, there are plenty of spots to camp for free, though visitors should respect private property.

Apart-hotels are hotel rooms with kitchenettes and other added amenities, ideal for families.

Cabañas (cabins) are another option for families or groups, typically providing beds for 4-8 people.

Hospedajes, Residenciales and Pensiones are budget lodging options. Rooms most often hold two or more beds. Baths are usually shared, and breakfast is often included.

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