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Considered by many as the greatest Chilean writer in history, Pablo Neruda (1904-1973), Nobel Prize in Literature 1971, exemplifies Chile’s cultural legacy.  As a Renaissance man, Neruda was a sailor, poet, politician, traveler and a romantic.  All of Pablo Neruda’s experiences pour out through his writing and his love for the Chilean country and its culture is dominant throughout each one of his poems. 

Chile’s other Nobel Laureate, Gabriela Mistral (1889-1957) was the first Latin American woman to ever win the Nobel Prize, and is considered one of our country’s most prominent cultural figures. Love, death, maternity, religion and beauty are common themes throughout her work.

Granted praise from Pablo Neruda for his book Poemas y Antipoemas (Poems and Anti-poems) is another one of Chile’s great poets (and antipoet), Nicanor Parra (born 1914). While studying physics at Brown University in the United States, Parra developed “anti-poetry”.  This style of poetry specializes on discussing political and cultural issues in verse.  Today, Parra is considered one of the most influential figures in late 20th century poetry.

Vicente Huidobro (1893-1948) started the avant-garde poetic movement known as Creacionismo (Creationism) by juxtaposing striking images with random, irrational words.

By writing about mysticism and Chilean culture, Isabel Allende became one of Latin America’s premiere novelists. Several of her books have sold over 10 million copies worldwide, and two of her novels (The House of Spirits and of Love and Shadows) have been made into Hollywood films.

Chilean Writers

Allende, Isabel
Bolaño, Roberto
Brunet, Marta
Calderón, Alfonso
Contreras, Gonzalo
Donoso, José
Edwards, Jorge
Eltit, Diamela
Franz, Carlos
Fuguet, Alberto
Huidobro, Vicente
Maquieira, Diego
Mistral, Gabriela
Neruda, Pablo
Parra, Nicanor
Paz, Marcela
Rojas, Gonzalo
Uribe, Armando
Sepúlveda, Luis
Serrano, Marcela
Zurita, Raúl


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