OCTOBER 11, 2011



Miner Esteban Rojas,Minister Laurence Golborne, Museums' curator Mrs. Sorena Sorensen, miner Luis Urzúa and Cultural Attachél Nicolás Bär





Vice President of the Smithsonian Channel presenting the documentary, Mr. David Royle




Minister Mr.Laurence Golborne and miner Luis Urzúa




Documentary producer Mrs. Katy Jonesl, Vice President of the Smithsonian Channel Mr. David Royle, Documentary director Mr. Tim Baney, Minister Laurence Golborne,

miner Mr. Luis Urzúa, miner Mr. Estaban Rojas, and Director of the Leadership Program at the Wharton School of Business Mr. Jeffrey Klein








Panelists and Ambassador Arturo Fermandois



Cultural Attaché Mr. Nicolás Bär and Minister Laurence Goldborne