A celebration of the Life of John O’Leary

Ex US Ambassador to Chile, John O’Leary died in April. His Excellence Chilean Ambassador Andrés Bianchi and Lily Urdinola de Bianchi invited his family, partners, and close friends to a memorial celebrated at his residence.
President Bill Clinton attended the intimate ceremony.

Photographer: REGINA AZEVEDO.

1-Patricia Cepeda O’ Leary and her daughters Alejandra and Gabriela O’Leary listening the speeches.







2- President Clinton talking about his friend John.







3- Lily Urdinola de Bianchi, Patricia Cepeda O’Leary, President Clinton, Ambassador Andrés Bianchi, and the new Secretary General of the OAS, José Miguel Insulza.






4- Lily Urdinola de Bianchi and Patricia Cepeda O’Leary with President Clinton.







5- Ambassador Bianchi with the brothers and sister of John O’Leary.







6- Lily Urdinola Bianchi, Jonathan Yardley, book critic of The Washington Post, Marie Arana, editor of The Book World of The Washington Post, and Giselle Theberge.

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