- Literacy rate: 95.8% (2002)
- Average Schooling: 8.5 years as of 2002
- Educational Coverage: Very high enrollment characterizes primary and secondary schooling.
- Pre-school: 33%
- Primary: 99%
- Secondary: 90%
- Higuer: 32%

EDUCATIONAL LAW: Since 2003, the government of Chile guarantees twelve years of schooling for all its children.

HIGHER EDUCATION: Total: 480,000 students enrolled in 2001. There are 60 universities, 51 professional institutes, and 111 technical centers in the country. 4 out of 5 college students have parents who do not or did not have higher education. The number of professionals, scientists and intellectuals has increased 124% in the last 10 years.

WOMEN IN EDUCATION: Women enroll in the universities since 1877. Some of South America’s first female lawyers, scientists, and medical doctors were Chileans. Women’s right to vote in Chile was established in 1949. The female workforce reached 35.5% in 2002.

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