Behind a big part of the artistic and musical works of the history of art, there is a relation with geometry. It inspires, gives cohesion and hierarchy. Here we find an aim for order that lies beneath the subconscious, common to all human beings, today and yesterday. During the Renaissance, in Egypt, in contemporary art, in primitive cultures, in the child that draws the sun with a circle, in the solemnity of worship places.

Picasso sustains it, ironically, “Don’t look for interpretations in Guernica. It is only a bull fight in a basement, united by a triangle and a light bulb”.

During a trip I made to India and Nepal a surrounding, powerful, geometric form was fixed in my eyes and memory, present in sculptures, images, music and architecture. This was the spiral, that is born wide, swallowing all that exists like a flowing river or a snake, that later stirs in itself to compress in slimmer forms, become minimal, to gradually grow bigger like it was before, in an unstoppable movement that forms a wavy surface; a chaotic order of universe in a one of a kind swirl of a life and energy.