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Music (Classical)

Main Orchestras

Chilean Symphony Orchestra (Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile) dates back to 1926, when with help from the Santiago Municipal Government, violinist Armando Carvajal Quiroz established the City Symphony Orchestra of Santiago. Today this orchestra plays over 50 concerts a year all around the world and it is one of the most prominent orchestras in the world.  Since its establishment, the symphony’s emphasis has been to promote classical music to the youth of Chile.

Santiago Philharmonic Orchestra (Orquesta Filarmònica de Santiago) was created in 1955 and currently, it is based in the Municipal Theatre of Santiago. It consists of almost a hundred musicians who perform a vast repertoire of music - from baroque to the compositions of famous Chilean composers. José Luis Dominguez is the current resident director for this orchestra.

Youth Orchestra Foundation of Chile (Fundación de Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles de Chile) was created in 2001 in order to increase musical development and knowledge among Chilean youth. This foundation grants approximately 360 scholarships a year and places talented youngsters in one of the many Chilean orchestras to cultivate their skills. The foundation is also in charge of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra. (Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Juvenil).

 Classical Performers

Claudio Arrau
Ramón Vinay
Roberto Díaz

Cristina Gallardo-Domas

Alfredo Perl
Verónica Villarroel


Juan Pablo Izquierdo
Maximiano Valdés

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Theatres and Venues

Municipal Theatre of Santiago
Municipal Theatre of Valparaíso (Teatro Municipal de Valparaíso)
Municipal Theatre of Iquique (Teatro Municipal de Iquique)
Pencopilitan Theatre (Teatro Pencopolitano)
Municipal Theatre of Viña del Mar (Teatro Municipal de Viña del Mar)
University of Concepción Theatre (Teatro UdeC)
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Visual Arts

Art Galleries and Cultural Centers

ANIMAL Gallery (Galería ANIMAL)
Directory of Art Galleries in Santiago (Directorio de Galerías en Santiago)
Directory of Cultural Centers in Chile
Directory of Museums and Art Galleries in Chile (Directorio de Museos y Galerías en Chile)
Gallery of Visual Art (Galería de Arte Visual)   
Matucana 100
Praxis International Art – Gallery of LatinAmerican Art
(Praxis Galería de Arte Latinoamericano Contemporáneo)


Calendar of film releases
Chile Audiovisual
Chilean Cinematography History from 1910-1997
Cinema Academy (Academia de Cine)
Cinema in Chile
Cinema in Latin America
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Film Institute of Chile
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DIBAM Directory of Museums in Chile 
Chilean Museum of Modern Art  (Museo de Arte Moderno de Chile)
Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art (Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino)
Chilean Museum of Virtual Art  (Museo de Arte Virtual Chile)
Mirador Interactive Museum (Museo Interactivo Mirador)
Museum of Contemporary Art (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo)
Museum of Popular American Art (Museo de Arte Popular Americano)
National Museum of Fine Arts (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes) 
National Natural History  Museum (Museo Nacional de Historia Natural)

 Visual Artists

Roberto Matta (1911-2002) was one of Chile’s most influential artists in his time.  Working closely with famous Surrealists painters such as Andre Breton and Marcel Duchamp, Matta has made a name for himself as one of the leaders of the Surrealist art movement.  His work, which seeks to “achieve a graphic expression of our time by outstripping the mechanics of the space age” has been compared to the works of Rene Magritte, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró (LATIN BACCHANALIA La Prensa San Diego 5-15-98). 

Claudio Bravo (born 1936) is another renowned artist with his works displayed at prominent museums throughout the world. With a varied Moroccan, Italian and English descent, Bravo paints recalling his historical background. His works are realist by character and represent themes from the classical age.

Gonzalo Cienfuegos, born in 1949 in Santiago, Chile,  is a painter, sculptor, engraver and scenographer. He has held several solo exhibits in Chile’s major cities, as well as in the US, Europe and Asia and his work is characterized by a figurative representation with its roots in the history of art and with allusions to his Latin American background.

Alamos, Tatiana
Antúnez , Nemesio
Balmes, José
Barrios, Gracia
Bendersky, Jaime
Benmayor, Samy
Bru, Roser
Cabezas, Rodrigo
Cerda, Francisca
Colvin, Marta
Domínguez, Pablo
Downey, Juan
Duclos, Arturo
Egenau, Juan
Errázuriz, Paz
Frigerio, Ismael
Gazitúa, Francisco
Gazitúa, Teresa  
Irarrazával, Mario|
Jaar, Alfredo
Lira, Benjamín
Maffei, Ricardo
Maturana (Bororo), Carlos
Núñez, Guillermo
Opazo, Rodolfo
Ortúzar, Carlos
Peña, Osvaldo
Pérez, Matilde
Picker, Sebastian

Rojo, Benito
Rosenfeld, Lotty
Rubio, Raimundo
Tacla, Jorge
Toral, Mario
Vargas, Patricia
Yrarrázaval, Ricardo

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