The American League honors Ambassador Arturo Fermandois

in recognition for the rescue of the 33 miners  


                           Peter Gaytan, Daniel Wheeler and Ambassador Arturo Fermandois


Wednesday, December 15th Ambassador of Chile to the United States, Arturo Fermandois, received a commemorative plaque in honor for the successful rescue of the 33 miners. The recognition was made by two distinguished members of The American League, Executive Director Peter Gaytan and National Adjutant, Daniel Wheeler.

Ambassador Arturo Fermandois welcomed the members of the organization in his office, where the conversation was relaxed, and centered mainly on Chile’s successful rescue of the 33 miners trapped in the San Jose mine “Chile acted as a leader in a wide open group effort, validating that when countries come together with one purpose unimaginable things can happen” said Mr. Wheeler’s when presenting Ambassador Fermandois the recognition plaque, who in turn thanked the recognition and highlighted the valuable and important assistance received by the United States towards a significant and responsible Government rescue plan.         

The ceremony was attended by Chilean diplomats, Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Roberto Matus, as well as Counselor Mr. Claudio Gantes, Consul Mr. Christian Hodges, and Mrs. Daniel Wheeler. 

The American League was founded and recognized by the American Government in 1919 as an institution that builds a network in order to assist veterans of war and today is currently the largest veteran institution of the United States.